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Welcome to Access Nursing Care


Access Nursing Care believes that a patient’s HOME is BEST for HEALING and RECOVERY.

With hospital stays shorter today than they were even a few years ago, patients are often sent home without proper preparation.

We know that patients HEAL, EAT and SLEEP BETTER in their own environment. They are also NOT EXPOSED to potential INFECTIONS that can result from the hospital setting.

Usually, discharged patients require ADDITIONAL SKILLED NURSING to make the transition from hospital to home easier.

Access Nursing Care provides QUALIFIED NURSES to be YOUR ADVOCATE through the sometimes difficult HEALING PROCESS by facilitating COMMUNICATION between the client and the HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS. This process can BEGIN BEFORE DISCHARGE, while the patient is still in the hospital.

We WORK closely with YOUR PHYSICIAN to clarify orders, medications, treatments, and to arrange for follow-up appointments if necessary. In addition to having VAST EXPERIENCE in a variety of clinical specialties, our nurses are trained with strong FOCUS ON PATIENT assessment skills to prevent further complications.


Patients heal better and faster in the comfort of their home.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality , most compassionate and highly  reliable home care.




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